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short rant below the cut lol

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((AHHHHH I’m sorry Rowdy but I’ve been wanting to draw Cinder ever since I first saw her! She’s just so cute and I love her hoodie too! I hope you like her))

((aw thanks! she looks really nice!!))

sayin this now, i might not  be on much! my sister’s oficially here and she’s gonna be here for awhile! i dont have net on my phone (it’s an old ass phone) and my laptop is kinda super restricted where it can go (it has to be hooked up to a heavy, old monitor and has to have an usb keyboard attached to it after all) and i plan to be in my bro’s room (her room for now) and spend time with her, play games in there, the like! so if you send me something, or we have rps and i dont reply, please understand that’ it’s probably because im with my sister! if there’s something you want me to see and im offline, send it through fanmail or contact reagan (at either ho-no or pmduragsandriches or even dA as sealoslide). and remember guys, you’re all great, and i love you <3 i’ll try to get some stuff done soon, like nelly and mambo’s app, asap!

IM HERE FOR LIKE AN HOUR But can i just say that i love making people happy like i really do i hate seeing people really down and sad and if i can just say some sort of words to help someone and make them happy i just get really happy to and excuse me im a nerd laughs into hands and shrinks away

i literally just line the little tuft of hair on the standing up on hind legs picture of nelly and i dont want to do anything now. wow im just gonna sleep jeeeeze.

my back hurts i feel sick and ive not finished a single thing really on my list. i barely even got half way with what i wanted to do for my room bc procrastinating and i want even be here that much tomorrow. i just hope my sis isn’t too mad…..

Anonymous said:

Do you accept fan art by chance?

((oh gosh yeah i love seeing how others draw my charas ;v;/))

i should really work on nelly and mambos app art but i should also really work on a bunch of homework stuff and then i actually have a commission to do and wow i didn’t even realize how much crap i had to do oh my god. oh and i have to clean up my room a lil before tomorrow before my sister gets here from california wow okay i guess im really pushing app art away dang i actually really wanted to color stuff too laughs

What’s my reputation? What do you think when you see my URL?

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((im honestly crying a lot my art’s getting recognized a lot lately and theres really cool and good artists seeing it and im actually sobbing))