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Toss me a ✿ and my team will let you know what they think of yours!

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Not sure where I’m going to use him. Might just make him be on a personal team later down the road, might make him be on a new explorers team, or… Well if someone wants to collab there’s always that, haha! Of course I might just see if I could change a member from a current collab team to him. I don’t really know, honestly.

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#do you ever just get really mad  #and you know it's stupid to be mad but you just cant help it  #and it's always just one or two people  #and you dont want to hate them bc you know they just aren't understanding what you're trying to say youre mad about  #but you just cant help it  #and you dont want to be mad at them but you really just cant find it in you to forgive them again  #even if you want to  #it's just really hard to and you CANT  #ooc 

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Sketches of some Pokemon I may use on teams later on, as well as Cinder when she evolves and Cici (pichu from a collab team) as a Pikachu which I maaaaaay change her to be.

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I wanna have some fun with my followers.

Send me a ship and I’ll grade it!
A = perfect in my eyes
B = I find it very cute
C = it is an okay ship
D = I can tolerate it
F = NOPE!!
N/A = I’m not familiar with this ship

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cinder bby youll see fuoco soon i swear on me mum

"… I’m beginning to lose hope on that aspect," she stated flatly.

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u want some hot fucoco dont u

"…" Cinder’s face burned brightly, a scowl on her face. However, she didn’t really say anything.

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★ = You’re my tumblr crush.
✿ = I love your blog.
✄ = I love you.
☼ = You’re hot.
☁ = You’re beautiful.
♕ = You inspire me.
♔ = I wish we talked.
♫ = I really think about you ALOT
………… wow r u tryin to romance me nerd wow
ang it’s working.

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‘✉’ for an unsent letter from my character to yours.

The handwriting on the paper was a messy, hurried scrawl, some words are blurry.

'Pl__se __ll me ___'r_ okay I __n'_ k__w _h__ to __ a_d I'm s__re_ F____'

the rest was far too faded to read, as if the words had been washed off the paper

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‘Ω’ and I’ll tell you what my character(s) thinks of yours.

Marty’s gonna think Trap’s heckin rad and super cute and great bff. Marcy’s going to be jealous of Trap and Marty’s relationship and possibly despise Rej.

All I’m going to say for a Cinder one is kiss kiss fall in love :B

Crash thinks Fuoco’s a dingus but still p cool. He’s not a fan of Puppeteers ;B